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vive la experecia

He grew up in the state of Veracruz
From a humble town called Tierra Blanca
At the age of 17 he came to the state of New York in Brooklyn County, He worked in many jobs but upon learning about this profession of BARBER! He was motivated to learn and in his first year he started with a location in (sunset park) where he is still a partner, but after (17) years of career now completing (18) years of experience, in this (JANUARY 2024) he started his new trimming project in his mobile barbershop since everything is organized and arrives in front of your house as well THE_CE5AR.BARBER He thought that it is no longer necessary for you to go to a place to have a good hair and beard trim Where his innovative idea offers a service
“VIP CUT ” in his minivan, so come and live the experience of his 18 years in the industry.

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